Being a host means sharing your passion

Create tours and organize unique experiences in your area

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Why create tours in Lifetugo?

Avoid how cumbersome it is to take all the administrative issues of a traditional business, by creating tours and experiences in Lifetugo you'll know the simplicity of bringing your services to life, reaching many travelers having automated booking tools.

You have our support

When you enter our host community you receive 24-hour support, we constantly train you on technological and purely tourist issues, we are not a company, we are a family where you receive support with our Privacy and Refund Policies.

How to be a host in 3 steps

Create your profile

Download the app and create a profile with your email or connect with your Facebook profile.

Ready !, Create your first experience

After activating a floating button appears on your screen, follow the steps and you will have your first published experience ready, you can upload all you want without any cost.

Become a Host

Fill out the form to be a host that is in the “Profile” tab, we verify the information, then we send you an activation code, we need to know you better.

Target shooting

The experiences you publish go directly to those who want to live them.


Schedule automatically, so you have a better control of all the reservations of your experiences.


Receive and manage your payments, so with your debit or credit card withdraw the income you have received thanks to your experiences.


You can communicate directly with the traveler, from when you have doubts until you book and live the experience with you.

Simple Payment Process

Charge what you want

You have the power within the platform, when uploading an experience the last step is that you put the price on the experience, you are the one who knows best how much the service you will give costs.

Pay a reduced rate

We are committed to a more sustainable tourism, what moves us is the collaborative economy, that is why only at the moment you win you pay us a commission of 15%, otherwise you can communicate instantly with travelers interested in your services , upload all your tours and experiences unlimited and free.

Receive your payments quickly

The last step that we will deal with more personal is that you give us your bank account number to be able to deposit your payment 5 days before the reserved date, later we will put at your disposal a method in which you can manage your payments in real time.

To be a host is to enjoy my country with friends from all over the world, share our cultures and live new experiences

Adriana MoránAnfitriona Lifetugo

Requirements to Be a Tugo Host


Be a local guide by nature

Be a certified local guide or in process, if you are a person with passion and knowledge in customer service, you can apply.

Able to share your culture

Provide tourist experiences to all types of travelers around the world.

Maturity is important

Be of age.

Start now!

Our vision is that when you travel to any country in Latin America you can find in each corner a host waiting to share an unforgettable experience with you.

Privacy policies
Privacy policies